Our 2023 Annual Retreat was a Success!

Exonerated Nation understands the trauma suffered with wrongful conviction and incarceration, including the harmful impact to family units and immeasurable damage to bonds with family members and loved ones. 

In keeping with our intent to create healing pathways for exonerated individuals, this year’s annual retreat, held in August 2023, was dedicated to healing, rebuilding, and strengthening those family relationships that are so important to overall success and wellbeing after exoneration. 

Exonerees participated in a four-day gathering with their loved ones to embrace ancestral wisdom and nurture their connections with each other in the calm, scenic surroundings of Asilomar, located in Pacific Grove, CA.

Participants were guided by a phenomenal facilitation team:  Safi Jiroh (LeaderSpring Center), Gregory Hodge (Brotherhood of Elders Network), Ernest Mark (Coaching and Consulting), and exoneree Arturo Jimenez. They created a beautiful healing container for exonerees and their loved ones, sharing seeds of wisdom, inspiration, and transformational communication skills, to strengthen relationships and family bonds.

Facilitator Collage

A special thank you to Kaiser Permanente for their generosity in supporting Exonerated Nation’s efforts and helping to make this event possible.