Calling on California change makers and allies in the criminal justice reform movement:

Enjoy an evening of NBA basketball, networking, drinks and refreshments with Obie Anthony, founder of Exonerated Nation (EN), in support of EN’s mission to meet the immediate needs of exonerees upon release from prison.

Currently, there is no established state or federal program to help exonerees secure housing, access health care or mental health services as they transition from prison to home, family, community and life.

Some states, including California, are moving toward comprehensive support for exonerees. However, execution and implementation of new laws is a slow process, leaving a gap between release and essential support for exonerees. In fact, the vast majority never receive compensation or assistance from the state. EN strives to close that gap upon reentry and your financial contribution not only supports this very important mission of EN – you would also get to watch the game from a private luxury suite at the Staples Center!

Thank you in advance for your support in the healing and restoration for exonerees as they move forward in their lives.