Exoneree resources

We know coming home is hard. Here are some resources to help support

you during this transition. For support, please Email Us at info@exoneratednation.org.

  • We know you need a safe place to live after you are exonerated. Exonerated Nation can help you secure safe, temporary housing if you are facing homelessness. To find out more about our housing support services, please contact:





  • You deserve stable, living wage, meaningful employment. We know that finding a job is extremely challenging after being away for so long. We’ve built partnerships with employers in California and can help you find a position when you are ready. To find out more about our employment services, please contact:



  • Exonerated Nation believes that those who have experienced and lived through wrongful conviction and imprisonment must be at the forefront of the movement for change. We are currently developing an Exoneree Advisory Board and a Speaker’s Bureau. If you are interested in helping to guide the work and strategy of Exonerated Nation, or if you are interested in sharing your story, please contact:


  • We’ve been separated from our communities for so long. Many of us lost our families and friends during our wrongful imprisonment. At Exonerated Nation, we are creating a community of exonerees. If you want to stay connected with other exonerees in California, or if you feel like you can help a newly released brother or sister, please contact:



  • You’ve been through and survived a deeply traumatic experience. Incarceration and wrongful conviction affect our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. Transitioning home after release is also very challenging. Exonerated Nation is currently planning a healing retreat for exonerees. If you are interested in participating, or if you need help finding health and mental health services please contact:



We’d like to invite you to share your story with us. While sharing your story is emotionally

charged, it can also be healing. By sharing your story you are providing concrete support to

other exonerees, and educating Californians about the crisis of wrongful conviction.