Hoops for Justice

Fundraiser: Support Wrongfully Convicted

Join Exonerated Nation in our mission to address human rights issues in efforts to continue providing immediate
services to exonerees upon release, advocating and leading the charge for policy change, and building a
healing community for survivors of wrongful conviction in California and across the nation.

Calling on California change makers and allies in the criminal justice reform movement:

Enjoy an evening of NBA basketball, networking, drinks and refreshments with Obie Anthony, founder of Exonerated Nation (EN), in support of EN’s mission to meet the immediate needs of exonerees upon release from prison.  Many states don’t have an established state or federal program to help exonerees secure housing, access health care or mental health services as they transition from prison to home, family, community and life.

Some states, including California, are moving toward comprehensive support for exonerees.  However, execution and implementation of new laws is a slow process, leaving a gap between release and essential support for exonerees.  In fact, the vast majority never receive compensation or assistance from the state.

EN has been leading efforts for securing resources for exonerees.  Recent successes include the passing of AB 701 making California the first state in the country to pay for housing of exonerees upon their release from prison and AB 703 which provides free UC, CSU, and community college tuition in California.  SB 1050 will automatically provide health coverage to all exonerees in California and access to state and local job training programs.  EN also works to provide professional development opportunities for exonerees such as sponsoring digital storytelling workshops, facilitating educational workshops, and distributing care packages.  As Exonerated Nation moves into a new year, the goal is to continue these efforts and expand support nationally.  Your financial contribution would help fund staffing and program costs associated with these endeavors.  You would also get to watch the game from a private luxury suite at the Staples Center!

Thank you in advance for your support in the healing and restoration for exonerees as they move forward in their lives.

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Please complete the information below and use the form to the right to submit a one-time donation for the total amount due or send a check to: Exonerated Nation, c/o The Praxis Project at 1900 Fruitvale Ave, Suite 3D, Oakland CA 94601 to pay for your tickets.

Exonerated Nation is a fiscally sponsored project of The Praxis Project a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Please send a copy of your order form to: Charleane Williams, Admin Coord: charexoneratednation@gmail.com. Questions: 760.524.2158

This event is supported by Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Programs

EN is a non-profit organization leading the way with these recent successes for securing
resources for exonerees in California:


• AB 701 housing for exonerees
• AB 703 providing free UC, CSU, and community college tuition
• SB 1050 providing health coverage to exonerees; access to state and local job training programs.

You can help expand these efforts! Become a sponsor.
In a show of your organization’s support for human rights and social justice, contributions would help fund the
staffing needed to carry out advocacy activities for policy change and continued services for exonerees such
as professional development opportunities, educational workshops, and care packages.

We have three sponsorship levels, each offering your members and guests admission to the live game from a
luxury suite with Obie Anthony, founder of Exonerated Nation and key stakeholders in the wrongful conviction

Questions? Please contact:

Charleane Williams, Administrative Coordinator

ph: 707.656.5994 ph | e: charexoneratednation@gmail.com