For more than 25 years, talent manager, producer and businesswoman Jaime Rucker King has advocated inclusive representation of underrepresented communities in entertainment.  Jaime is the first African-American female manager to represent an Academy Award Best Actor winner.  Some of her credits include:  REDEMPTION:  THE STAN TOOKIE WILLIAMS STORY, LIFE SUPPORT, the highly-acclaimed documentary THUNDER SOUL, and Academy Award nominated RAY.

Jaime’s work reflects her core belief that storytelling should entertain, educate and inspire.  Her passion to influence the next generation of storytellers is reflective in both her body of work and through those that she has mentored.  While working on the television movie. Redemption, Jaime gained greater understanding of the prison industrial complex through real conversations with prisoners and their families.  She hopes that in joining Exonerated Nation she can further fight for their voices to be heard.

Jaime was born and raised in Berkeley, California.  She currently resides in Los Angeles, California as an empty nester with her two dogs.