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Pathway to healing retreat

September 23-25, 2022

Imagine being locked up for 17 years of your life when you’re innocent.

It is estimated that there are up to 10,000 wrongful convictions annually in the U.S. To date, 3,178 wrongfully convicted individuals have been officially exonerated and released from prison since 1989 with 289 individuals exonerated in California.  It is an unforgivable tragedy that these innocent individuals have lost years of their lives to a broken system.  Exonerees have no federal guarantee of remuneration or support to help them rebuild their lives.

Your support will help healing among the exoneree community.

Exonerated Nation (EN) was founded in 2015 by Obie Anthony who was framed, convicted and incarcerated for 17 years for a crime that he did not commit.  Since 2015, it has been EN’s mission to help meet the immediate needs of exonerees experiencing the debilitating spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical trauma of being wrongfully incarcerated.  Our retreats provide a safe space for exonerees to share and build community among peers.  Leadership development workshops and guided healing session have lifelong impact as participants leave with practical skills they can apply on their path forward.

"Coming to events like this [Healing retreats] with Exonerated Nation refreshes you...when you're by yourself, people around you don't understand...but when you come here, you get to recharge. You get to see people like yourself. You get to encourage them and they get to encourage you. It's like a family."
Roynes Dural, 8 Years - Hawaii
"It's therapeutic for me to be around people who have an idea of what I went through because they went through many of the same things."
Doug Dilosa, 17 Years - Louisiana


Contributions by check can be made payable to Exonerated Nation Inc. and mailed to P.O. Box 20241, American Canyon, CA 94503.  Donations are tax-deductible.

Exonerees should have every opportunity to pursue their dreams, feel safe, reunite with their families and heal.

Our programs support exonerees to find living wage employment, safe housing, and health and mental health services. We partner with exonerees to share their stories, offer educational convenings and workshops for leadership development, create opportunities for exoneree-led community organizing and advocacy and have designed and carried out our own participatory research. With your help, we can continue programs and services that help exonerees restore the lives that were wrongfully taken from them.  Please make a donation today!

Exonerated Nation is a 501(c)(3) public charity.


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Exonerated Nation is a growing organization and we’re calling on you to help us meet the needs of exonerees. Here are three ways to support us: Make a tax-deductible donation to EN. Invite an exoneree to speak to your school or organization. Organize an event to educate your friends about wrongful convictions . Donate your gently used computers, cell phones, and clothing.