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News & Events

Pathways to healing retreat 2022

Exoneree Leaders & Retreat Facilitators

Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, CA
September 23rd – 25th, 2022

Exoneree leaders came together for a three-day retreat designed to honor and acknowledge their collective and individual experiences.  The retreat design supported healing, leadership development, peer to peer connection, and overall support for family and significant others of exoneree participants. while fostering a sense of belonging and purpose amongst the participants.   

Facilitated sessions led by Ernest Mark (of Rockwood Leadership Institute) and Tony Richard (of Imagine Us LLC) explored leadership and emotional agility connections, personal ecology, and a series of conversations around mindfulness and visioning practices. Guided peace and healing circles, capped off the first and second nights of the retreat at the site of a bon fire, facilitated by Arturo Jimenez (California Exoneree). 

Lastly, therapist Dr. Alan Ceaser convened a group session for exoneree significant other participants to foster a better understanding and support for their partners.

Overall, the retreat was extremely successful and well received.  Responses have reinforced the importance of convening exonerees in healing and supportive environments that help in reflection and growth,  forming positive relationships and building community, and gaining lifelong skills for lasting success and wellness after experiencing the trauma of wrongful conviction.

We wish to express our continued gratitude to Kaiser Permanente for their generous support of Exonerated Nation’s efforts to meet the immediate needs of exonerees by helping to heal the debilitating spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical effects of being wrongfully incarcerated.

We’d also like to thank all of our wonderful donors who gave in support of enhancing the overall retreat experience.



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